Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong – For a Day Filled With Thrills, Fun and Adventure

If you love theme parks, oceanariums, animal shows, rides and a day filled with entertainment, Ocean Park Hong Kong is the place for you. With over 40 entertaining rides, exhibits, shows and observatories, this amusement park can provide you and your family a whole day full of adventures. If you plan to spend the day at the Ocean Park, staying at a budget hotel in Hong Kong like the centrally located Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong is a good idea. There are over 40 attractions at Ocean Park divided into two main areas, ‘The Waterfront’ and ‘The Summit’ and you can visit the aquariums, animal shows and amusement rides in both areas.

If you go to the Waterfront area, you could pay a visit to the park’s much loved celebrities, the adorable giant pandas fondly called ‘An-An’, ‘Jia-Jia’, ‘Le-Le’ and ‘Ying-Ying’. However, you need a bit of help from lady luck to time your visit during their meal times. The Grand Aquarium is a beautiful artificial reef that hosts over 5000 fishes in all their vibrant shades and types. Walking through the reef bubble tunnel can be an awe-inducing experience when you see the sea creatures swim over your head. Once you enter the summit area, don’t miss the sea jelly spectacular where 1000s of jelly fish flitter about in a backdrop highlighted by special effects and lighting, creating a psychedelic spectacle. The Ocean Theatre at the Summit holds four daily shows of ‘Sea Dreams’ dolphin and sea lion acts.

For the thrill seekers amongst you, the Ocean Park Hong Kong offers roller coaster rides such as the ‘The Dragon’ and ‘The Mine Train’ while the ‘Thrill Mountains’ provides five rides. ‘The Abyss Turbo Drop’ is a vertical drop of about 20 floors above ground level. ‘Raging River’ is yet another popular attraction which allows you to navigate slants, rises and rapids while enjoying pretending to be water creatures on an adventure.

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