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A Couple’s Guide to Kyoto, Japan

Top Things to Do during a Couple's Getaway to Kyoto

Ranked among Japan’s top vacation hotspots, Kyoto is a heritage hub and a recreational powerhouse. Here are some of the best things couples can do during a holiday in this scenic city.

Philosopher’s Path | img by via flickr

Walk Hand in Hand along the Philosopher’s Path

Occupying pride of place along the southern canal of The Silver Pavilion or Ginkaku-ji, the Philosopher’s Path is a cherry blossom tree-lined walking path about two kilometres long. Named after Kitaro Nishida, one of Japan’s most celebrated philosophers, the area offers couples the chance to enjoy the great outdoors with a stroll to view Kyoto’s famed cherry blossoms all in one romantic outing.

Put Your Love Match to the Test at Jishu Shrine

A temple devoted to matchmaking and marriage; the Jishu Shine is located in Kyoto’s Kiyomizu-dera grounds. Easily accessible to honeymooners and couples based at Park Hotel Kyoto or any other Kyoto, Japan hotels in the city, this charming shrine contains the city’s famed Love Stones. Couples must walk toward one another with their eyes closed to test their love during this ritual which examines if they have a love that will last for an eternity.

Hit a Spa at in Kyoto

Known for its sandbars and stunning beaches, Amanohashidate is the perfect place to experience a traditional onsen. Couples can also try taking a dip in the alkaline hot springs of Fu Fu no Yu known for its effectiveness for muscle pain, skin care and neuralgia.

Go Cafe Hopping in Uji

Uji, Kyoto is an area full of history that also happens to be home to the renowned Ito Kyuemon Japanese café. Having served as the epicentre of tea culture in Japan for centuries, the matcha served at this iconic tea house is believed to have impressed even the shoguns of Imperial Japan. Couples can spend a relaxing afternoon with a cup of traditional green tea or a matcha cappuccino, paired with matcha Nama chocolate at this romantic little cafe.




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