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How to throw a legendary beach party

And still not get thrown into prison

Beach Party by the Sunset
Enjoy a thrilling beach party by the sunset.

When you’re holidaying, beach parties are a cherished ritual, and when in Maldives, it certainly is a shame if you don’t have a beach party!

Beach Party by the Sunset

Enjoy a thrilling beach party by the sunset.

Planning a successful party can be intimidating, especially when you are staying at one of the Maldives five star hotels, but where there is a will, there is a way. Here are some sneaky yet legal ways to have a fun beach party in the Maldives.

Fruity stupors

Soak alcohol in fruits, like rum with pineapples or watermelons with vodka, and that way, you can have an intoxicating fruit salad with no one turning your way or raising an eyebrow.

Sneaky Juices

Buy jugs of juice and pour a few glasses out, then replace it with the alcohol of your choice. All you will be seen doing is sipping juice with your friends at the beach.

Hide the beer

Use a plastic cup like they serve sodas in fast food restaurants, keep your can of beer inside it, fill it with ice cubes and drink through the straw like it’s plain old Coke you are having.

Snacks & water

Do have some non-alcoholic snacks, as everything doused in alcohol might get overwhelming after a point. Take plenty of water, the last thing you need on your fun day out in the sun is dehydration and hangovers to look forward to.

A few luxury hotels offer their own private beaches to guests, for example, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo.

At the end of the day, focus on having a great time. Music, friends, the beach, the sun, and sand, what more do you need on a vacation?

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