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Stone Carvings in Bali

An ancient form of sculpture

Bali is one of the most loved holiday destinations among many tourists. The many excursions in Bali are endless and you would surely be delighted and content when your vacation is over. The many cultures, traditions and norms followed by Balinese people are lovely for you to learn and watch. Balinese community is a very kind population who treat their visitors with much hospitality. One popular activity or career followed by the people in Bali is stone carving which is a renowned profession. This is a profession that continues from generations and is still a popular form of art which is adored by visitors.
Among the many carvings done by these carvers, Buddha statues, religious statues, outdoor decoration like water fountains, wall decorations and wall relief are popular among the tourists. The locals use materials like volcanic stone or white palimanan pliable stone to bring out their end products. Some carvings are done using cement, black sand and limestone. This is certainly not an easy task its needs expert hands and pure craftsmanship to bring out a masterpiece. This ancient form of art work is something that Bali is renowned for all over the world and a visitor would never miss to take back a reminder of the wonderful art made of stone. There are much unique equipment that is used in stone carving so to get the delicate shapes of the statues and other effigies. The carvers are mostly experts in carvings for temples and palaces.

When the travelers are visiting Bali do not forget to walk around the streets where these stone carvings are sold and where you could get hold of the finest carvings and learn a bit more about the techniques of this unique carving method. You can get hold of some fine pieces for reasonable prices if you can bargain with the shop owners. A holiday in Bali would mean that you have to book your Bali Hotels on time. Anantara Seminyak Bali is a great choice of Bali Hotel where you can visit many places of attraction within its vicinity. Next time when you visit Bali do not forget to take home a stone carving from Bali.



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