The Story that’s Told through Music and Dance – Sway with the Rhythm of a Fire Dance!

Uluwatu is scattered with a number of attractions and many interesting things to do. A visit to this beautiful island will be incomplete without watching a dramatic ‘Kecak dance’.


Also known as the ‘Ramayana Monkey Chant’, the Kecak Dance is one of the most captivating traditional performances performed by the Balinese people. It’s not a mere dance performed rhythmically to entertain the spectators. The dancers narrate the story of the popular epic, ‘Ramayana’ in the form of a dance and musical drama. This performance is usually held in the open air and as the sun sets the story reaches its climax with embers and orange flames of fire on the stage.

anonymous, KecakCC BY-SA 3.0


What makes this dance unique from other traditional performances is that it neither utilize musical instruments or an artificial backdrop. About 50-60 bare-chested men wearing distinct Balinese sarongs are the main focus of this dramatic performance. The entire dance becomes lively by the continuous intoning of “Cak! Cak! Cak!” or “Keh-Chak”!


Kecak Dance is performed in many parts all over Bali. Before commencing your journeys in this part of the world, do take note of the available accommodation facilities. Amongst many Bali resorts the likes of Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, you will come across as an excellent venue from where thrill seekers can map out an escape to witness this fascinating performance.


The performance is a clear depiction of an act of worship and an expression of Balinese cultural values. In addition, it’s a vivid portrayal of philosophical elements such as morality, property, and death.

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