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Explore Negombo Lagoon -The lifeblood of Negombo

As is evident by the number of Negombo Hotels and their diversity, Negombo is the most popular sea city in the Western region of the country. There is swimming, rafting, sailing, and many other water based activities as well as a number of excursions to go on. Negombo Lagoon, however, stars quite prominently when it comes to water sports.
Spread over an area of over 30 km2, the Negombo lagoon is less than 2m deep in all areas except at the point it meets the sea. Due to the presence of a land barrier that keeps away the waves, the lagoon is a popular spot for trying out jet skiing, banana boat riding, and other such activities. There is also a thriving fishing industry based on the lagoon, the Lagoon prawns and crabs being a delicacy of the area. In fact, if you are to visit a higher end hotel like Amagi Lagoon Resort & Spa Negombo or a small restaurant by the road, both would have prawns, shrimps, and crabs as a part of their daily menu.
The biodiversity of the region is also quite impressive. The Lagoon is, in fact, a part of the Muthurajawela Marsh, which is protected under the Environmental Protection Authorities of the country. The mangroves of the area are globally recognized for their diversity and richness, while the creatures that thrive on the mangrove-based atmosphere are a sight for sore eyes. The best way to explore the lagoon is to take a boat through the still waters of Negombo. It would be better if you can take this journey in the late afternoon so that you can watch a breathtaking sunset from the cosy comforts of your boat. The Sun is known to create masterpieces towards the evening, making the sky aglow with a tapestry of colours and contours.

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