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Hanoi Opera House, a splendid performance venue


The idyllic nation of Vietnam offers many pleasures for the visitor, including picturesque scenery, sightseeing attractions and an unsullied laidback ambience. If you plan to visit this charming country and desire quality serviced accommodation in Hanoi you need look no further than the Somerset Grand Hanoi. This fine rest offers tasteful accommodations and a host of modern amenities. The beautiful Hanoi Opera House should undoubtedly be on the itinerary of every visitor to this appealing nation. One of …

Peking Beijing Opera – A Show of Movement, Colour and Culture


Beijing, the thriving hotspot capital of China, holds many wonders to behold. With a diverse range of mouth-watering dishes and architectural grandeur, Beijing also delights locals and foreigners alike through magnificent classical Chinese performing arts. One such delight is the Peking Beijing Opera. Indulge in a magical transcendence into the cultural treasures of China through the Peking Beijing Opera and lose yourself on an unforgettable journey. A beautiful representation of symbolism and meanings through the …

Saigon Opera House: A Vietnamese Icon of French Flamboyance


Ho Chi Minh City, named after an iconic Vietnamese hero who served both as President and Prime Minister of the country, is the largest city in Vietnam. Known fondly as the Gateway to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City was formerly the capital of a French colony and called ‘Saigon”. This colonial heritage is seen even in modern times in the form of the architectural styles of the buildings in the city and one such iconic …