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Visit La Mer

Dubai’s Most Thrilling Beachfront Getaway

Image via pixahive

La Mer is an eclectic beachfront in Dubai that promises a host of fun activities for intrepid travellers. Here is a list of all the exciting things you and your loved ones can experience on this stunning beachfront.

Sandy Banks

Tucked between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah bay, La Mer spreads from Jumeirah 1 to the sea. The place is also engulfed with panoramic vistas of the cityscape and the Arabian gulf, so it is simply the best place to recline by the beach and immerse in the surrounding beauty. Better still, lie down on the sandy shores and watch the world go by.

Land of flavours

Home to an array of mesmerizing cafes and restaurants, you will be spoilt for choices when trying to grab a quick snack. Be it Belgian, Chinese, Indian or Spanish, this stunning beachfront is a one-stop destination to try all your favourite flavours.  For an even better experience, why not munch on your snacks and bites while sitting by the spectacular La Mer?

Photo by Jon Sullivan on Pixnio

Fun under the sun

La Mer is a haven of water sports and beach activities for both young and adults alike. You can pick between the exciting Hawa Hawa, a playground of fun activities or La Mer’s iconic laguna water park featuring five water slides, a river ride and a play area for children. Interestingly, these fun-filled parks are only a short drive away from luxury Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai hotels the likes of Avani Ibn Battuta Hotel Dubai.

Paradise for shopaholics

Whether you are looking to buy beach essentials like goggles and swimsuits or bespoken statement pieces like gold watches and accessories, La Mer has it all and more. The best part is also that you can find items for different prices, so you have the luxury of cherry-picking.



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