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The Travels of Famous Ibn Battuta

A Moroccan Explorer

Image by Imre Solt via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Ibn Battuta was a Berber-Moroccan scholar and explorer who traversed most of the world within 30 years. He is the namesake behind a 5-star hotel in Dubai the likes of Oaks Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai which provides accommodation for many travellers from near and far.

Early Life

Any information known about Ibn Battuta is extracted by autobiographical entries given in his travel accounts. It records that he was born to a family of legal scholars in Morocco in 1304. His family has belonged to Lawata, a Berber tribe.


Ibn Battuta’s name deviates from conventional Islamic names and it’s simply translated as ‘son of Battuta’. But it can even have just been a nickname as Battuta translates into duckling.

How He Became a Traveller

While his contemporaries travelled the world for practical reasons, Ibn Battuta did so for the sake of his enjoyment and was dead-set on never travelling in the same road twice.

Image via snappy goat

Countries Visited

During his life, Ibn Battuta travelled over 117,000 kilometres and he had visited around 40 countries in the present-day world.




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