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Rhythm of Beru

Traditional Music in Maldives

Boduberu Maldives, maldives traditional music, maldives culture
Boduberu Maldives
Boduberu Maldives, maldives traditional music, maldives culture

Boduberu Drummers | Photo by Badruddeen via Flckr , (CC BY-ND 2.0) 

Maldives, a paradise nation with many exotic delights…During your holiday in Maldives, you will encounter much to see, taste, feel and hear. In regard to the latter, you will be hearing a sensational style of music that is unique to the Maldives. Bodu Beru as it is called is the traditional form of folk music and dance.

Bodu Beru is the unified creation of various cultures that have influenced the Maldives in the past. They are East African, Arab, and Indian culture.

Bodu Beru is translated as ‘big drum’ as drums are the main instrument used in it. A usual Bodu Beru performance consists of about 20 participants with a minimum of 3 drummers; and a lead singer.

It also uses a bell and a curious little instrument called onugandu. The Bodu Beru songs first start off with a slow tempo which accelerates into a crescendo and finally into a frenetic beat. This final moment is when the participants dance as if they are in a trance.

There are different kinds of Bodu Beru performed for different reasons. The Gaa Odi Lava, for instance, is performed in order to invigorate oneself after the completion of a task involving strenuous manual work; while the Kadhaa Maali is carried out with the intention of guarding the island and the houses from evil spirits.

As you will find out in many travel guides such as The Maldives Travels, Bodu Beru is also presented at many of the luxury resorts in Maldives to either welcome the guests or to entertain them in cultural theme nights.

The songs of Bodu Beru speak about the everyday life in the Maldives as well as tales of romance and legends and myths of the yester years.

Bodu Beru has become the heart of Maldivian culture, that when one day you are recollecting your holiday here, the exotic beats of the drums and the enchanting chants will no doubt come to your mind as well.

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