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Horse Riding in Bali

An amazing experience

Bali Equestrian Centre has quickly become world renowned and respected within the equestrian industry, it has attracted Olympians, Grand Prix show jumpers, international judges and celebrities. With a 5 star international rating, certified international instructors and over 40 school horses including both internationally and locally imported, BEC is a world-class destination for both avid riders and tourists in Bali. Horse riding in one of many Things to do in Legian Bali. The OSSOTEL hotel is a very unique hotel that is modern and has a rustic charm.OSSOTEL is located close by to the Bali Equestrian Centre, bars, electric night clubs, restaurants and cafes. It is also located right at the Padma Legion center neighborhood. The hotel also offers exceptional culinary delights and signature cocktails, which can be enjoyed in a perfect idyllic environment.

Horse riding in Bai, can be done on beaches and across open fields. Horses are known to ease people’s interaction with the wildlife. A blue sky above, wind in your hair, the beauty of nature and the smell of clean fresh air. You can spend your day listening to the sounds of nature and relaxing. Experience the simple pleasures of life with your family, friends or by yourself while you are horse riding. The Bali Equestrian Center offer two tour options: village tours and beach tours. Village tours meander through the rice paddies and the local village. With the advantage of horseback, you can see more than you would either on foot or on the back of a scooter. Beach tours will take you down to Berawa beach, where you can walk your horse along the edge of the waves. The local beaches are not consistent in footing, going from deep, loose sand to very hard compact sand in a matter of strides. This unleveled surface is not safe for either horse or rider at a faster pace. They only provide beach rides during low tide, and you can choose between early mornings or sunset rides.

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