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Home To The World’s Fastest Roller Coaster!

The Grand Prix Indoors

Some are surprised to learn that Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates and not Dubai. The city that sits on an island in the Persian Sea connected to the rest of the country by road, water and air brings to mind sights of skyscrapers, large mosques, heavily patronized malls, crisscrossing highways and a few sand dunes. It may be among the most expensive cities in the world but to offer star class facilities such as those available at theme parks, Abu Dhabi resorts and business centres there is really no other way. The area that falls under the purview of Abu Dhabi’s administration comprises a number of islands ranging from Yas Island where Ferrari World is located on Sir Bani Yas Island further away where Desert Islands Resort by Anantara is found.

Wrapped up within the walls of what is probably the largest indoor amusement park, the Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi, sits the cheetah among roller coasters. This great red creature is known as Formula Rossa and derives its features in terms of its appearance and performance from the tracks of the Formula One Grand Prix. Every rider is cautioned prior to taking off as the open vehicle on a track reaches its maximum speed within five seconds of commencing the journey.

While Formula Rossa is the most talked of and anticipated ride at the park, the intensity of detail that Ferrari has gone into when creating this theme park to be parallel to the Formula One Grand Prix is admirable. The rides are split into three categories, namely, kids, families and thrills. There are adventures which are much less exhilarating for the small ones such as Khalil’s Car Wash and more communal ones for the whole family to partake such as tyre twist.

An entire day is usually needed for you to enjoy the excitement at Ferrari World. They serve authentic Italian food through a number of restaurants and even offer an opportunity to shop while you are at the park. 

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