Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary – An Underwater Oasis

Hikkaduwa is the surfing and party capital of the Southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka. Known for its splendid golden sandy beach, which is dotted with bars, lounges, restaurants and hotels, the town of Hikkaduwa is always a fun place to visit if you are looking for relaxing coastal destination. The town is also a rather cheap destination, which has made it a popular spot for backpackers.
One of the most attractions of Hikkaduwa is the Coral Sanctuary. The Coral Sanctuary of Hikkaduwa is an underwater oasis of colorful coral reefs which provided a sustainable habitat for a variety of species of marine life. This underwater sanctuary was one of the main reasons Hikkaduwa was put on the map, and the reefs still attract many locals and tourists to this day. The Coral Sanctuary is so popular that most Hikkaduwa hotels, such as the likes of Citrus Hikkaduwa, offer snorkeling and diving facilities to their patrons.
The Coral Sanctuary is located just over 200m from the coast and, in fact, you can even swim up to the coral reefs of the sanctuary. When you are at this underwater sanctuary you will get the chance to witness many beautiful coral reefs of all colors, shapes, and sizes. The marine life at these coral reefs only enhances the experience as you will be able to swim alongside sea turtles, dugongs, crabs, lobsters and many other colorful and fascinating species of fish. The depth at the Coral Sanctuary varies between 3m – 4m, giving swimmers clear views of the beautiful coral reefs. Snorkeling and diving are very popular in Hikkaduwa, and if the hotel you are staying in doesn’t offer snorkeling or diving facilities you can get the necessary equipment from one of the nearby diving shops. Although still very attractive, the Coral Sanctuary is on the decline due to coral bleaching, so when you are swimming at the Coral Sanctuary be responsible and don’t do anything that will harm the delicate corals.

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