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Galle Face Green Colombo

Colombo's Oceanfront Oasis

Galle Face Green
Galle Face Green - Image via Flickr

Galle Face Green in Colombo is a bustling urban park stretching along the city’s coastline, offering a breath of fresh air in the midst of the urban landscape. Here’s a simple guide to this lively space.

A Seaside Promenade

Galle Face Green is the ideal place for a leisurely walk by the ocean. As the waves crash along the shore, you can enjoy the calming sea breeze and the stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

Picnics and Playtime

Galle Face Green Colombo

Galle Face Green – Image via Flickr

Families and friends gather here for picnics and outdoor games. You can watch kites soaring in the clear blue skies or join in a game of cricket, a favourite pastime of the locals.

Street Food Delights

The promenade comes alive in the evening with an array of street food vendors. Try local delicacies like isso wade (shrimp fritters), crab wade (crab fritters), naan roti, and skewered, roasted chicken to experience the authentic flavours of Colombo. Don’t forget to savour a refreshing king coconut to complete your culinary adventure by the sea.

Cultural Events and Festivals

Galle Face Green is a hub for various cultural events and festivals throughout the year. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness open-air concerts, art exhibitions, and traditional performances while holidaying at nearby Colombo hotels the likes of The Kingsbury Hotel.



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