Bali Bird and Reptile Park – Fun for the whole family!

For parents looking for a fun way to keep their kids entertained, a visit to the Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park is the answer you’re looking for. The park is both a fun and educational attraction, with two hectares of tropical landscapes to wander through while taking in the beauty of nearly a thousand birds from Indonesia and around the world.

The Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park is located in Gianyar, not far from Ubud. A family day trip to the park can easily be arranged by a Luxury Hotel- Bali has several luxurious resorts and hotels in the region such as the COMO Uma Ubud. The Bali Bird Park is divided into regional habitats for the hundreds of different species complete with native plant life. More than a few of the varieties dwell together and wander freely in the open aviaries and interlinking ponds throughout the park.

Visitors can touch, feed and view the open displays of many tame species, plus, there’s a “Free Flight Bird Show” where you can watch eagles, owls, macaws and other birds of prey as they soar around the enclosure, dive at mock prey, and snatch food from their handlers capable hands. In addition, the ‘Hatchling Area’ lets you observe several species in their early stages after hatching.

There are also several cafes located in the park for refreshments along with a 4D cinema that features educational films on birds. If the wide array of magnificent bird life isn’t enough, then head over to the adjacent Reptile Park that houses one of the largest collections of reptiles in Asia. Observe giant pythons, crocodiles, a broad selection of monitor lizards as well as the world-famous Komodo Dragons. Like the bird park, you can also view and take part in feeding the reptiles.

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