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Art Gallery

Art Galleries Museums in Doha Qatar

Dive into the History of Qatar

Art Galleries in Doha
Discover the Finest Art Galleries in Doha, Qatar

The lavish State of Qatar contains a lush and illustrious history. The human habitation of the Qatar area spans back to almost fifty-thousand years. Since then the land has been occupied by various empires ranging from well-known ones such as the Ottomans to more obscure empires like the Sasanian Empire. If you’re spending a vacation in a luxury hotel Doha has to offer such as Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, be sure to check out the many locales offering historical adventures.

Art Galleries in Doha

Discover the Finest Art Galleries in Doha, Qatar

One of the first places you should consider on your journey into Qatar’s past, is the National Museum of Qatar. The structure alone is incredible, which is no surprise given that it was designed by the renowned French architect Jean Nouvel. At first glance the museum looks like a series of interconnected discs which are arranged to resemble the petals of desert roses.

Next you should visit the Museum of Islamic Art. Established only nine years ago, this incredible building, designed by award-winning architect Leoh Ming Pei houses the world’s most expansive collection of traditional artwork and craftwork from the Middle East as well as regions of Asia. You could discover items ranging from glassware, ceramics, and even ancient manuscripts.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the classical art of the Middle East, it is only fair that you visit the Museum of Modern Art, known as MATHAF. The incredible works showcased in this museum are in celebration of the finest achievements in 20th century Arabic art ranging from sculpture, painting and even photography. Additionally, MATHAF also features a selection of artwork from the 1840s to the present day It’s the perfect place to learn about art since there are many workshops, talks and lectures conducted here regularly.

These are but three of many such museums and historical establishments present in Qatar, so if you’re interested in diving into the nation’s magnificent past, there is almost no end to what you might discover.

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