Sichuan Opera Museum – A splendid slice of Sichuan history

A city dating back more than 2,000 years, Chengdu is a fascinating mecca of culture and historical splendour that is a delight to discover and explore. When you’re in the city, consider checking into a hotel in Chengdu that offers easy access to a spate of attractions while immersed in scenic surroundings, such as what the Millennium Chengdu promises to deliver to all its guests. With luxury interiors and easy access to the city’s major hotspot, this Chengdu hotel can’t be beat in terms of quality and style. One of the hallmarks of southwestern Chinese culture is the elabourate performance art of Sichuan Opera, which must be experienced when in the city. Performances employ a fascinating array of artistic tricks and turns to transport the audience to another world of fantasy and adventure. Using a delight combination of face-changing (expertly switching masks), illusion, fire-breathing and daring acrobats, audiences are left amazed and awed at each performance. One actor, or a few at the most, portrays multiple roles using shrill voices, subtle musical accompaniments and a variety of colourful mask changes to narrate the fantastic tales from Chinese mythology and legend. The vibrant hues of the costumes and stages provide a visual feast that will dazzle audiences. These riveting performances can be witnessed at the Sichuan Opera Museum, as well as various other performance venues around the city, and the museum also hosts a fascinating exhibition that details the impressive history behind the iconic art that is well worth exploring.

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