Ferry rides from Mersing to Pulau Tioman – Getting to the beautiful island of Malaysia

The island has been voted as one of the most beautiful islands in the world in the past. Ferries often take people to and from the island back to the mainland. Tourists often book into a Tioman resort to enjoy and make the most of the island. Mersing Jetty is one of the piers from which ferries depart to Tioman island daily. There are private providers of this service which is used by both locals and tourists to get to the island. Hotels such as Berjaya Tioman Resort have their own ferry service operating from an alternate jetty known as Tanjung Gemok.

Privately operated ferry services from Mersing Jetty is Blue Water ferry service which has daily scheduled services. The tickets for these services can be pre booked online. There are other privately operated ferry services as well, however this is highly recommended as this becomes reasonable as well as comfortable making it an option suited for both locals as well as tourists. The ferry service is known to be the most reliable one as well. The service starts at 7.30 am leaving Mersing and reaches the destination in about two hours. As the ferry service is not 24 hours the last departure from Mersing is at 5.00 pm. Ferry tickets can be purchased for Blue Water Ferries online.

Getting to the jetty from Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lampur can be by car or there are also bus services. The bus tickets to Mersing can also be booked online.

It is always best to keep an eye out on the space as there are offers every now and then for ferry tickets as well as coach tickets to get to the jetty. It is also worth to check with the ferry operator about the weather conditions before departure to make sure it’s all on schedule.

Photo Credits ; Berjaya Tioman Resort


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