Desert Activities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the seven Emirates and is a highly developed Middle Eastern Nation. The sheer luxury and grandeur of this nation has played a key role in attracting tourist. The Middle East is often associated with its extravagant life style , the resorts in the region are no exception.

Abu Dhabi Desert Tour is an essential activity in any trip to this part of the world. There are many resorts within the deserts. One such resort that has often won the praise of many tourists is Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara. A perfect oasis in the middle of the desert , offering unmatched luxury overlooking the great deserts of Abu Dhabi.

Desert activities are an integral part of any Middle Eastern trip. There are a varying desert activities offered by private tour providers as well as resorts. Some of them include 4X4 safaris and they too have the option of morning safaris and evening safaris as well as some even offer packages which include a meal and a belly dance performance or others of such nature at the end. There are also overnight safaris on camel backs and jeeps as well as full day safaris. Another way to explore the desert would be on Camel back. A popular form of transportation in ancient Middle east. Some also chose to do a fair bit by foot. Tour guides often point out many interesting animals and plants belonging to the deserts during these tours. Other activities also include treasure hunts , sand boarding and even sand skiing. Recently desert cricket has also become a popular sport.

Apart from the exciting desert activities Abu Dhabi city has a wide range of activities going on and one should make it a point to check out som of these, which include, mosques, cornices and not to forget the shopping experience.

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