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Art Therapy in a Nutshell

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Artistic Therapy
Discover the best art therapies in Sri Lanka.

Living is an art, and each human is an artist of his own type. You draw, sculpt, write, sing or dance all along creating the masterpiece of your life and finding comfort in it. The ones’ who go beyond, capture the lives of others or sometimes their own in some form of art ready to be witnessed by the rest of the world. Such a piece of art can be preserving precious moments, speaking out emotions or flaunting a culture as so colorfully displayed in Sri Lankan Art.

This practice of creating art is not merely a profession or leisure time activity for relaxing your mind. It has been closely related to mental health and inner personality development of humans since ancient times. Visibly in countries with historical cultures like Sri Lanka. Art is the most effective mode to express your feelings and to open up your mind, which is why it has been recognized as a mode of therapy in the modern world. Art therapy is meant for letting your emotions flow freely, just like a painter with a blank canvas and a paintbrush in hand. It is used to treat people with mental disturbances such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or socio-phobia. For people who have faced trauma or gone through estrangements, art therapy is ideal to regain self-confidence, rebuild relationships, and simply cheer up their mood.

Even though you are already using art therapy in your everyday life, simply by scribbling on a paper, listening to music or just staring at the waves of the sea, it takes more than that to become a qualified art therapist. There are recognized universities and institutes that provide graduate or post graduate programs in art therapy. These programs are mainly designed to train and educate students on theoretical basics of art therapy, such as the link between art and psychology, its healing powers, and different application techniques. The practice of art therapy has been adopted by many countries of the world. Some countries require accreditation from a professional body in addition to the degree to start practicing as an art therapist.


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