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Expressing One’s Self – Xian Cultural Dances


Xian in North West China, known once as Chang’an was the starting point of the famous Silk Route and served as the capital of China for 13 dynasties, from 1046 BCE until 907 CE. Dances and cultural activities here were part of the system of court music and dance while some were part of religious rituals. Dance and music also celebrated nature by imitating bird song and incorporating animal and bird movement in dance. Great …

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show – A Celebration of the Golden Age of the Tang Dynasty


Xi’an is every historian’s dream come true and offers treasure troves of great sights to visit and many delights to discover. Formerly known as Chang’an (the eternal city) and over 3000 years of history, a visit to Xian will ensure a brilliant experience. However, all this will fall short without a visit to the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. A show that embodies the spirit of China’s Tang Dynasty during the period 618-907 AD, …

Traditional Tang Performance At Shaanxi Grand Opera House – A Cultural Whirlwind


China is a massive country with plenty to offer tourists, although most visitors are content with exploring Beijing and Shanghai. Those who want to go beyond the usual tourist stops should consider taking a trip to Xian. It is one of the oldest cities in the country, with a history spanning over three millennia. An Ancient Capital of China, Xian is home to a number of fascinating and well-known attractions such as the Terracotta Army. …