Traditional Tang Performance At Shaanxi Grand Opera House – A Cultural Whirlwind

China is a massive country with plenty to offer tourists, although most visitors are content with exploring Beijing and Shanghai. Those who want to go beyond the usual tourist stops should consider taking a trip to Xian. It is one of the oldest cities in the country, with a history spanning over three millennia. An Ancient Capital of China, Xian is home to a number of fascinating and well-known attractions such as the Terracotta Army. Tourists visiting this ancient city will have plenty of things to occupy their time.

Taking in a performance of Tang Dynasty music and dance is a ‘must do’ when in Xian. There are plenty of great places that put on such performances. The Shaanxi Grand Opera House is still somewhat new, as it was only started in 1998; however, it has become one of the most popular spots to watch performances of Tang Dynasty music and dance. The shows here are a fiesta of colour and sounds and should not be missed.The performers are all highly talented, with many starting training as children; the costumes are colourful and historically accurate; the music, flawlessly played, helps move the show along.

In addition to the show, visitors can also opt to have dinner here as well. The food served is traditional fare but is highly sumptuous. The Tang performance at the Shaanxi Grand Opera House is sure to give visitors a deeper appreciation for the country’s history and its arts. Although the theatre has seating for about seven hundred people, tickets sell out fast, so one should book well in advance.

Xian is located in the northern part of China and can be reached by plane, train or bus. It is a highly developed city and has excellent infrastructure. Restaurants and shopping malls are found everywhere. The city also provides a variety of accommodation options that can fit different budgets. Those looking for good accommodation in Xian can try the Citadines Gaoxin Xi’an. They provide excellent, well maintained serviced apartments. With plenty of different models to choose from, one is sure to find a Xian apartment to suit one’s needs.

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