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Negombo (Sinhala ‘Migamuwa’) is a traditional fishing village which is now a thriving tourist hub. A tale behind the town’s Sinhala name says that bees alighted on a boat at sea and the place where the boat beached was called ‘Migamuwa’. Negombo’s coastline and close proximity to Sri Lanka’s International Airport have been factors in it becoming a popular tourist destination. Negombo hotels cater to different budgets and if it is comfort and life on …

Enjoy Some of the Best Live Music in Melbourne – Visit the Cultural Capital of Australia


The city of Melbourne is one of the most populous in the country of Australia, and the most populous in its respective state. It’s not the population, however that gives Melbourne her notoriety, but the fact it is the heart of the Australian music scene. Should you wish to embark on a musical adventure like no other, especially if it is an international one, Melbourne has many accommodation options at your disposal ranging from humble …

Experience Koh Samui Snake Farm – Home of Cobra’s, Scorpions and Centipedes


Koh Samui, a Thai island located off the eastern coast of Thailand, is one of Southeast Asia’s top coastal destinations. Known for its stunning scenery and pristine beaches, the island is a great destination for a chilled out tropical vacation. With exciting tourist attractions, unique street-side restaurants and bars, and a booming hospitality industry, a stay in this exotic island is sure to be memorable. A Koh Samui resort that offers tranquil accommodation is the Anantara Lawana Koh …