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Paintbrush Tips For An Artist -How To Brush it Right


Being an artist is no easy task. In addition to having a talent for art, one must also have a thorough knowledge about a number of things such as mixing paints, light techniques and of course, paintbrushes. Here are a few tips when it comes to paint brushes. 1. All Paintbrushes Have 4 Things in Common If you want to get your break into Sri Lanka art, and one day get your work displayed at the Sri …

Art Therapy in a Nutshell – In the Eyes of a Painter


Living is an art, and each human is an artist of his own type. You draw, sculpt, write, sing or dance all along creating the masterpiece of your life and finding comfort in it. The ones’ who go beyond, capture the lives of others or sometimes their own in some form of art ready to be witnessed by the rest of the world. Such a piece of art can be preserving precious moments, speaking out …

Neka Art Museum in Bali – Bali in pictures


Bali, one of the most breath-taking destinations in the world is listed among the best places that one should visit at least once in their lives. The pristine beaches, the crystal clear water and the beautiful corals along with the volcanic mountains and paddy fields are proof that nature has blessed this island abundantly. However, the attractions in Bali are not limited to its natural beauty. The many numbers of museums are created in a …