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Simon Cabaret Show – A unique performance


It is a cabaret show like no other. You will experience its uniqueness as you walk into the Simon Cabaret show theatre in Patong featuring Kenny G saxophone music in the background complemented by luxurious seating and dim lighting. The real essence of the Simon Cabaret show is that everyone has something to enjoy in the show. You will get to listen to songs in English, Japanese, Thai and Korean languages, and you will see …

Phuket Aquatic Attractions – Enhance your Marine Knowledge


Phuket is one of the best choices for family travel. Among its large number of attractions, the Phuket Aquarium is a must-visit. The aquarium was revamped recently, ensuring a better quality experience for viewers. While walking through the aquarium, you and your family will get to see the sea creatures at close range. If you travel with children, the aquarium experience will be even more fascinating. They will have a good chance to have a …

Siam Niramit Phuket – Thai Extravaganza


Yearly thousands of people make their way to the Thai island of Phuket in search of the perfect tropical island getaway. With many a Tourist attraction, Phuket certainly knows how to keep its inquisitive visitors occupied. Apart from the tourist attractions one of the primary concerns that arise for travelers is with regard to accommodation. The island offers plentiful options with this regard. One of the highly recommended hotels to stay while in Phuket by …