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The Story that’s Told through Music and Dance – Sway with the Rhythm of a Fire Dance!


Uluwatu is scattered with a number of attractions and many interesting things to do. A visit to this beautiful island will be incomplete without watching a dramatic ‘Kecak dance’. About Also known as the ‘Ramayana Monkey Chant’, the Kecak Dance is one of the most captivating traditional performances performed by the Balinese people. It’s not a mere dance performed rhythmically to entertain the spectators. The dancers narrate the story of the popular epic, ‘Ramayana’ in …

Bali Arts


Travellers looking to enjoy Bali resort accommodation should not search much further than Anantara Seminyak Bali one of the most charming Bali resorts. One of the many things to enjoy when in the region is Bali arts. It is art of Javanese-Hindu origin, having grown from the work of Majapahit Kingdom’s artisans. The centre of classical Balinese art was the village of Kamasan from the 16th to the 17th century. When it comes Balinese painting, there are two …

Wayang (shadow puppet)- Puppetry at its best!


When touring in Indonesia, Wayang or Shadow Puppet Shows are a must visit entertaining event. Although this is regarded as an entertaining activity, puppets are believed to have a religious power. The puppet master and the story teller in Wayang should be extremely talented to put up a rare kind of a show like this. These put shows are accompanied by an orchestra and it is a fusion of music and drama. When touring in …