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Discover the Underwater World of Weligama – Top Diving Destination in Sri Lanka


Weligama is a popular destination in Sri Lanka’s beautiful southern coastline. Needless to say, Weligama, with its stunning beaches and ample beach amenities, is a great place to explore an array of exciting water sports. The town is particularly popular for diving and is home to a few amazing dive sites. If you are staying at Mosvold Villas, one of the most popular boutique hotels in Galle, you can easily reach Weligama in less than …

Hong Kong’s Top Game Cafes – Roll the dice


Some will say Hong Kong is best experienced with a tour of its nightlife and a shopping spree. But in truth, Hong Kong has a lot more attractions such as game cafes. The ever-increasing game cafes in Hong Kong invite you to the heart of the action in the city. In addition to established restaurants and many other top class pubs, the game cafes offer a different kind of experience. If you want to stay …

Hong Kong Museum of Art – A Premier Art Space


Occupying pride of place down Salisbury Road, just a stone’s throw away from Tsim Sha Tsui’s Hong Kong Space Museum and the Hong Kong Cultural Centre, the Hong Kong Museum of Art is a one of a kind cultural institution in the country. Celebrating the length and breadth of the islands’ creative art forms the locale is the main art space in all of Hong Kong serving as a popular edutainment point of interest for …