Travel Doha on a Budget – it’s all about a lifetime memory…

Doha is the capital city of the wealthiest country of all time- Qatar. Needless to say, almost everything about Doha is quite expensive which may make travellers a little sad and discouraged. But, do not worry- we have some money-saving tips for you.

Getting to Doha and staying in
When it comes to cheap flights that you can try to reach Doha, we would suggest an airline such as Turkish airlines. For your accommodation needs, there are hotels in Doha Qatar that provide you good hospitality services at reasonable rates, and you can try one of them.

Explore the Museums- it’s all free!
Doha is expensive, but its Museums are not. Entrance to the Museum of Islamic Art is completely free of charge and you can spend hours in it exploring the arts and sculptures displayed there.

Try less expensive dining
If you are residing at a venue the likes of Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli and you have booked your stay on a full board basis, make sure you don’t skip any of your meals because the food outside can be quite expensive. For a change, you could also visit the old market and enjoy some cheap street food.

Visiting Pearl? – keep this in mind
Pearl is the most luxurious neighbourhood in Doha and it’s a city filled with richness, beauty, and elegance. Just visit the city and enjoy the vistas, but try not to do any shopping or dining in this city, as prices could be a little steepz

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