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Top 7 Nightlife Spots in Vientiane

Your Guide to a Fun Night Out!

Wake up, for Vientiane is no longer the sleepy fishing town it used to be. There is life beginning to grow and the following nightlife spots will bear ample testimony. First off is the Lao Bowling Centre which could be a welcome haven when you have spent a day full of heat in Vientiane. If you are travelling with family, the Centre guarantees you a great deal of fun. If bowling doesn’t catch your fancy, check out the Spirit House for an ideal night-time outing; the wooden upholstery of the following establishment will enchant you. Although it is open throughout the day, the Spirit House really comes to life at night and the calm music in the background creates quite a nice ambience. As for food, the restaurant has a wide variety, ranging from Japanese sushi to western burgers. If you stay at someplace like Somerset Vientiane, you can get to Spirit House in less than hour.

Next is Bor Pen Nyang. Even if everything does not make much appeal to you here, there is one thing that you will be awed by when you get to the fourth floor: you will be greeted by the Mekong River. From the fourth floor of Bor Pen Nyang, you will be privy to the usual lifestyle of Vientiane. If you are looking to live the party life, Vientiane, it is not exactly the best place in the world for it, but the city does offer some good options and Future Nightclub is one of them. Another place on this list is nestled on the bank of mesmerising Mekong River; the Kong View restaurant offers a great ambience to unwind after a long day as an alternative to spending the night in your hotel room or at one of the serviced apartments in Vientiane. Mekong River is a signatory element in Vientiane. Most spots are based in some proximity to the river. That is exactly why you could see a crowded atmosphere close to the river. You could also check out the Vientiane Night Market which is usually brimming with people and is open until midnight. The final destination on our list is Chokdee Café and Belgian Beer Bar, which, as its name suggests, has a good selection of beer. In fact, the bar has almost every beer brand available. Enjoy a good coffee at the Chokdee Café and call it a day with your favourite beer.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.




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