Hong Kong Museum of Art – A Magnificent Artistic Showcase

Art lovers visiting Hong Kong should undoubtedly take the opportunity to visit the splendid Hong Kong Museum of Art. Here you will find a mesmerizing selection of art-related exhibits.

Image by , Hong Kong Museum of Art, CC BY 1.0

The significance of the museum

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is considered to be the principal art museum in Hong Kong. One of the important cultural attractions in Hong Kong, it is a prestigious establishment and plays a significant role in the preservation of China’s cultural heritage.

Collection of artworks

This museum is renowned for its outstanding collection of important artworks. In fact, you will find as many as 15,000 individual pieces in a diverse collection that is sure to capture the imagination of the art enthusiast. An accommodation choice to consider from which this museum would be within easy reach would be Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong.

The collection of Chinese art

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is particularly renowned for its selection of Chinese art. This includes ancient Chinese paintings as well as those from more modern times, works of calligraphy and other treasures originating from China.

History of the museum

This museum commenced its existence as the former City Hall Museum and Art Gallery. This establishment was separated in 1975 and the Hong Kong Museum of Art came into existence. Do note, that the Hong Kong Museum of Art is presently closed for renovations but will reopen in the middle of 2019 and will be worth a visit to see what new additions have been made.


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