Enjoy world-class opera in London – The Legendary Art

The vocal magic of an Opera Singer many a times reverberates down the streets of London. For London is a city of magic; a city that commemorates Art and history like nowhere in the world. It is a place for song, drama and mind shattering Opera. Some of the finest performances internationally can be enjoyed in London, for in London the art of classical music, song and Opera is given high regard; so if you are intrigued by this world, London is your place to visit.

There are a number of Theatre halls in London showcasing excellent opera performances, but none of them tops the Royal Opera House. The Taffeta and the Tails and the pop sound of the champagne cork are some of the images that come to mind when you mention the Royal Opera House. Spectacular on both the outside and the inside, the Royal Opera House is indeed a magnificent work of art and is without doubt ‘the’ place to go if you are specifically looking for world class performances. The ambience and the surroundings of the Opera house lives true to its name ‘Royal’ and just a stroll around this vicinity and you will only second this statement. Where ever you turn somewhere in your mind you can hear the grand and glorious music play as the loud shrill sounds of the vocalist echoes into the distance. The Royal Opera House is located in the district of the Covent Garden and is often referred to locally as the Covent House. The structure of The Royal Opera House was originally constructed in 1732 and the first ballet was presented in 1734. Today the opera house is a major performing arts venue in London that is home to the Royal Ballet, the Royal Opera and the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Despite its exquisite class and ambience, there are times where even some of the tickets for certain performances are rather affordable.

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