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Sizzling Club Life in Dubai – Kick Back and Party on


Whether you intend to let your hair down or simply head out to a cosy pub to enjoy live musical performances, Dubai has a wide array of bars and clubs to suit your every whim and fancy. Dubai’s vibrant nightlife scene forms part of its appeal as a holiday destination which continues to gather momentum. From club-hopping tunes, acclaimed international DJs and musicians, to long hours of your favourite food and drinks, this is entertainment …

Top 7 Nightlife Spots in Vientiane – Your Guide to a Fun Night Out!


Wake up, for Vientiane is no longer the sleepy fishing town it used to be. There is life beginning to grow and the following nightlife spots will bear ample testimony. First off is the Lao Bowling Centre which could be a welcome haven when you have spent a day full of heat in Vientiane. If you are travelling with family, the Centre guarantees you a great deal of fun. If bowling doesn’t catch your fancy, …

Nightlife in Colombo – Experience the city in a different light!


The city of Colombo is popular for a variety of things, from cultural and religious heritage sites to golden sandy beaches, but for those who want to experience the city in a different light; bars, clubs and casinos thrive after the sun sets! The city’s night life attracts tourists and locals alike who wish to enjoy bars, clubs or any casino in Colombo, which have particularly taken a rather prominent stance in Colombo’s night life. As …