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Parks in Miami -Parks that will captivate and enthral


The city of Miami is always a fascinating metropolis to explore, presenting many engrossing experiences for the visitor. As a popular beach holiday hub, Miami is also home to some of the finest parks in Florida. Occupying pride of place on Biscayne Bay, Oleta River State Park is a kayaker’s hideaway in Miami. Spread out across a whopping 1000 acres Oleta River is the most expansive park in all of Florida State. Renowned for the …

Explore Negombo Lagoon -The lifeblood of Negombo


As is evident by the number of Negombo Hotels and their diversity, Negombo is the most popular sea city in the Western region of the country. There is swimming, rafting, sailing, and many other water based activities as well as a number of excursions to go on. Negombo Lagoon, however, stars quite prominently when it comes to water sports. Spread over an area of over 30 km2, the Negombo lagoon is less than 2m deep …

Phuket Aquatic Attractions – Enhance your Marine Knowledge


Phuket is one of the best choices for family travel. Among its large number of attractions, the Phuket Aquarium is a must-visit. The aquarium was revamped recently, ensuring a better quality experience for viewers. While walking through the aquarium, you and your family will get to see the sea creatures at close range. If you travel with children, the aquarium experience will be even more fascinating. They will have a good chance to have a …