Theme Party with Sarawak Convention Bureau – Business Meets Adventure

Located in Kuching, the capital of Sarawak city on Borneo, Sarawak Convention Bureau, has been a hub for business events. Collaborating both new and old elements, Sarawak Convention Bureau has been the pioneer in organizing, developing and marketing business events in this part of the country. There are many international events that have taken place since its opening. When there are conferences and conventions taking place the serviced apartments in Kuching, such as the Citadines Uplands Kuching, tend to get busy with participants and organizers.

One of the exciting features about Sarawak Convention Bureau is that they specialize in theme parties. Some of the exciting themes include Head Hunting in the Longhouse. The Sarawak team is capable of developing an exciting headhunting activity designed especially for your needs. There are a lot of traditional activities going on such as a chance for delegates to enjoy the rhythm of traditional music and entertainment by dancing maidens to traditional tunes. There is also an endless supply of rice wine with blessings pouring in from the head man.

Cave Extravaganza is another exciting theme for the guests and delegates; enjoy a cocktail in one of the largest chambers in the world where eight jumbo jets can be fitted wing to wing. It’s a great experience to dine under the rock formation of Sarawak where there are clear waters that allow those to see below.

One of the other exciting events is Survivor, Sarawak. The delegates are welcomed in the traditional manner with garlands and torches. Attire for the night is sarongs and there is some interesting head gear offered to the delegates. Other exciting themed parties include Rajah for the Day, Night in Sarawak Museum among many others.

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