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Nightlife in Colombo -A Place Where Light Comes Alive


Colombo, the commercial capital of the island of Sri Lanka is the ideal place to experience happening nightlife. From roulette rolling to great bands with live music to gastronomical experiences to themed pubs with enthusiastic crowds, Colombo is a destination that is wallet-friendly and experience-rich. Having legalized gambling, Colombo offers a range of casinos for the eager, with many global brands entering the scene in near future. This makes the nightlife in Colombo quite happening. …

Townsville Nightlife – Tropical thrills and Metropolitan bliss in the City of Townsville


If you’d like to experience one of the most unique cities in Australia, then look no further than the city of Townsville, which is the largest tropical city in Australia. Despite the laid-back nature associated with this iconic city, Townsville has one of the most infamous music-scenes on the entire continent and allows any visitor to experience night-life like no other in this unique and iconic city. If you’re looking for a visit to this …

Gladstone Night life – Nightlife Activity Catering to Everyone


Located in the Gladstone region of Queensland is the quaint city of Gladstone. Considered to be home to one of Queensland’s largest shipping ports, Gladstone is a beautiful city with a rich history and many tourist attractions. Some the city’s highlights include Lake Awoonga, the Port of Gladstone, the Gladstone Marine, Boyne Island and Tannum Sands. For a comfortable stay in one of the most pleasant and recommendable hotels in Galdstone QLD make a reservation …