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Kandooma Caves Maldives – A diving haven


Maldives is the ultimate place to go to if you love water sports, and the same goes for diving sites and amazing underwater views. The Caves Located near the reefs of Kandooma Island, the Kandooma Caves have a magical quality about them, as the best underwater sights in all of Maldives can be found here. When you pass the reef corner, you’ll find two large caves that are almost touching one another. The first cave …

History of Maldives – The Ancient Archipelago


Long before Maldives became this amazing tourist destination, when it was not imagined that a Maldives luxury resort could be heaven on earth and even when its beautiful shores had been underexplored there are still telltale signs of there having been occupancy of these thousand-odd islands. As the years rolled by and with the world becoming more and more connected, the news spread about the gorgeous blue waves and the pristine sands of the country. …

Bluetribe Moofushi Diving Center – Enjoy a Myriad of Water Sports under One Roof


Making a trip to a Maldives luxury hotel and failing to make use of the splendid diving and snorkelling opportunities that islands offer in abundance would truly be a mistake that you would regret. The Republic of Maldives, commonly believed to be a natural miracle given that the islands are believed to be the modern remnants of coral reefs that surrounded prehistoric volcanoes in the region, is home to spectacular beaches and even more beautiful …