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10 Free Things to Do in Hobart – An Alluring City


Hobart is always a captivating city to visit, offering a host of enjoyable attractions for the visitor. If you are on a budget there is no need to worry as you will find many interesting free things to do that are sure to put a smile on the face of the visitor. When selecting apartment accommodation in Hobart, an attractive choice would be the Somerset on Salamanca Hobart. This fine accommodation offers well-appointed rooms and many …

Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery – History and Art


Tasmania is a beautiful island off the mainland of Australia. Home to a lot of beautiful things, the island is visited by many tourists. There are various interesting activities as well as places of interest for the tourist to visit. Accommodation options are widely available to suit different preferences. Apartment Accommodation Hobart is becoming a popular choice due to the convenience associated with it. One of the noteworthy options among those who have visited previously …

Salamanca Market – silence of the sound


Organic vegetables, fresh fruit, warm coffee scent, lovely aroma of croissant… all this mingled into one is what you call Salamanca Market in Hobart. It is but crowds that visit here in thousands and thousands just to have a whiff of Salamanca’s unique ambience. Some people just love the feel of it. Hobart is in fact quite famous for this Salamanca Market. Every Saturday you will be getting along with a huge crowd to witness …