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Esjehi Art Gallery – Highlighting the Artistic Heritage of Maldives


Most visitors to the serene island nation of the Maldives indulge in her typical offerings such as serene sandy beaches, tranquil tropical landscapes, and thrilling water sports. These visitors, despite having an enjoyable vacation, miss out on a great deal of what Maldives has to offer, being a nation with a rich and diverse cultural heritage. The artistic heritage of the Maldives can easily be experienced by a visit to the Esjehi Art museum in …

Esjehi Art Gallery – Showcasing the Best of the Maldives


In a tropical destination almost everyone seems to forget that there are many other places of visit and things to do other than sandy beach strips and marine activities. On that note, Maldives is a wonderful destination that is gifted with an amazing artistic heritage. This cultural and vibrant aspect of the countries is sadly overlooked and it only requires one visit to Esjehi Art Gallery to realize the cultural beauty of these islands. If …

Esjehi Art Gallery, an outstanding artistic venue


The Maldive Islands offer many attractions for the visitor. To experience the many interesting things to do in Maldives it is important to base yourself at a fine accommodation like the Kurumba Maldives. This quality rest is reputed for its well-appointed rooms and considerate hospitality. The Maldive Islands are blessed with a delightful climate and splendid natural attractions such as spotless sandy beaches and invitingly warm sapphire waters that will draw the attention of the visitor. However this …