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The Story that’s Told through Music and Dance – Sway with the Rhythm of a Fire Dance!


Uluwatu is scattered with a number of attractions and many interesting things to do. A visit to this beautiful island will be incomplete without watching a dramatic ‘Kecak dance’. About Also known as the ‘Ramayana Monkey Chant’, the Kecak Dance is one of the most captivating traditional performances performed by the Balinese people. It’s not a mere dance performed rhythmically to entertain the spectators. The dancers narrate the story of the popular epic, ‘Ramayana’ in …

Top Surf Spots around Uluwatu Bali – From beginners to experts, there’s something for everyone


Located on the southernmost end of tourist hotspot Bali, Uluwatu is possibly one of the world’s best locations for surfing enthusiasts. Despite its popularity as a surfing hotspot, Uluwatu showcases picture-perfect sceneries and an amazing, ancient Hindu shrine that is a sight to behold. In Bali, surf resort type accommodation spaces are very popular among tourists. One of the most preferred ones, Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort places you within close proximity to some of the …

Blanco Renaissance Museum: The Artistic Abode of Don Antonio Blanco


If you think that the Indonesian Island of Bali is only a getaway for the adventurous and outdoorsy, you are indeed wrong! Although the Island’s breathtaking beaches and picturesque mountains beckon visitors to explore Bali’s natural landscape, there is still much to see inside Bali’s many malls, museums and temples. Even in the popular resort town of Seminyak, the cozy interiors of many a Seminyak Bali Resort and the extravagant interior of Blanco Renaissance Museum …