Singapore Symphony Orchestra – Experience the Dulcet Melodies of the SSO at the Esplanade Concert Hall

Music has inspired and soothed the souls of many since the beginning of civilisation and has played a great role in entertaining the masses and bringing people together. In the 21st century, music remains to be a great force in uniting people and has become a medium to convey and discuss problems faced by the modern world. What began with a tune elicited from a single musical instrument, soon spread to groups of people coming together and creating music in harmony and such communal interactions soon lead to the establishment of Orchestras across the world

For those staying at The St. Regis Singapore, experiencing the wonders of a Symphony Orchestra is a very real possibility for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra is a renowned and world-famous professional Orchestra. When staying in luxury hotels Singapore, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and their dulcet melodies can be heard at the Esplanade Concert Hall where they habitually perform.

The Singapore Symphony Orchestra was established in 1979 and they performed for the first time that year. The Singapore Symphony Chorus was formed a year later in order to provide choral and vocal support to the Orchestra. The first Director, Choo Hoey stepped down in 1996 paving the way for Lan Shui to become the Musical Director of the Orchestra who holds this position to this day.

The national Orchestra of Singapore has performed not only in Singapore but has also performed across the world, particularly at The Proms in London, England, the Avery Fisher Hall in New York, USA, the Poly Theatre in Beijing, China as well as the Berlin Philharmonie in Germany. If you are lucky, you may be able to witness its musical splendour for free at the Botanic Gardens, but if not, paying to watch the Symphony Orchestra in action is a worthwhile investment.

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