Simon Cabaret – A flamboyant theatrical performance

A spectacular display of originality and extravagance, Phuket’s Simon Cabaret is one of the most outstanding entertainment attractions in South East Asia. Known for its theatricality and flamboyance, it features a touch of quintessential Thai culture, coupled with western influences. Recognized around the world, it is a must-see for the traveller who enjoys theatre.
Phuket Simon Cabaret was established in 1991. Having been entertaining locals and tourists with the passing of time, it has firmly secured its position as the market leader of professional entertainment. Acclaimed as a world-class performance, it boasts of outstanding set designs, coupled with the glitz and glamour of the elaborate costumes. The theatre seats an enthused audience of well-over 600 people, providing a luxurious, yet intimate atmospheric setting. Spectators will be stunned by the incredible stage performances, aimed to provide a night to remember.
Priding itself for its sheer entertainment value, the performances at the theatre are enhanced by remarkable lighting, combined with a high-tech sound system. The entirety of the show runs through a range of musical theatres, derived from a number of cultures existent today. Visitors will be transported from the rustic yet mythical realm of Egypt to the legend-infused land of China. Providing an eclectic fusion of theatrical elements from around the world, the show features a majority of transvestites, expressing their talent through living life as a cabaret performer. In addition, there are performers that are celebrity impersonators, who either dress like Diana Ross or Tina Turner while belting out their popular hits. Travellers can look forward to a number of solo performances, from classical songs to the more contemporary music.
Having been trained by a number of talented choreographers, the actresses who partake in the show have to go through a rigorous preparation session, which includes costume fittings, make up and dance training. These sessions prepare the actresses to perform through hours of two flamboyant shows a night, while dressed in heavy costumes and stilettos. Recognized as a huge theatrical operation, Simon Cabaret is backed by more than 100 backstage staff, which includes costume and wardrobe departments, show managers and a control manager, who ensures that everything takes place according to the schedule. The graceful performers are trained in jazz, traditional ballet and contemporary dance.
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