Sigiriya Museum

Enter into the Sigiriya Museum and be enlightened about a one of the world’s architectural marvels. Deemed as South Asia’s Most Attractive Museum, the Sigiriya Museum is where you can gain an insight into the history of the magnificent Sigiriya Rock and see some of its antiquities.

The Sigiriya Museum is located next to the Sigiriya Rock situated near the town of Dambulla in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. For those in search of a Sigiriya hotel within easy reach of the rock fortress, Hotel Sigiriya is an ideal option as it is only just 17 minutes away.

The Sigiriya Museum is collaborative effort between the Central Cultural Fund of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of National Heritage, the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Tourism and the Japan International Cooperation Agency. The museum is designed with the concept of ‘artefact is text’ and is inspired by the masterly architectural design of the Sigiriya Rock itself. The museum is surrounded by lush forest and sparkling pools of water. On the entrance to the museum, you will be walking through a brick tunnel that is similar to the Sigiriya Rock archway. Inside the museum complex, you will find artifacts of great archeological value that ranges from ancient instruments to beautiful jewelry.

The highlights among the artifacts exhibited in the museum are a furnace belonging to the Anuradhapura era that was used to melt iron and an intricate piece of stunning jewelry- a single earring made out of solid gold and embedded with purple stones thought to be priceless amethyst. Other artifacts include excavations such as tools, sculptures and even a human skeleton.

The Sigiriya Museum is divided into sections that are dedicated to certain eras of the history of Sigiriya and the country. For example the first section of the Sigiriya museum goes back about 10,000 years ago into the prehistoric era of Sigiriya and its surrounding areas explaining how humans occupied Sigiriya, while the third gallery is dedicated entirely to King Kasyapa, the creator of the Sigiriya Fortress and the ruler of the ‘Golden Age’ of Sigiriya.

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