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Festivals in Chennai that you must experience – From Jan, until the end


Chennai has its fair share of colorful festivals that happen throughout the year, and if you are in the city during one, you’re lucky! Pongal Beginning the year by giving the due thanks to the cows and bulls that help around in paddy fields and farms, Pongal is celebrated in January every year, and lasts for 4 days, beginning on the 13th of the month. This is an important festival for the farmers and people …

Cabaret Shows – Experience an Iconic Thai Concept


Cabaret shows are an interesting affair where an adult audience enjoys a performance that combines song, dance, drama and even recitation. Thailand has their unique take on the matter. My Way Cabaret This is one of the first cabaret shows to appear at the Royal Paradise Complex and became a very significant occurrence, which grew over the years to garner a wide local and international audience. Simon Cabaret Many would say that this is one …

Live Music in Townsville – The Vibrant Music Scene of Townsville


The State of Queensland, located in the north-east of Australia, is the third most populous state of the country and second in terms of size. Tourism is one of the most leading industries of Queensland, therefore there is no shortage of accommodation to choose from, ranging from budget lodgings to establishments such as Oaks M on Palmer, a provider of Townsville serviced apartments. Townsville is a city located on the coast of Queensland, and one …