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Guide on Khon Kaen nightlife – Memorable nights await you!


As the sun goes down, Khon Kaen transforms into a lively city! If your daytime activities do not exhaust you out, there’s still the night, full of exciting opportunities to dine, party and be entertained.       99 Vintage One of the best ways to begin an iconic night out on the town in Khon Kaen is to start off with some cocktails. Located on the Pracha Samran Road, this fascinating place serves some …

Khon Kaen Night Life – The Enigmatic Nightlife of Khon Kaen


One of the most renowned aspects of Thailand is the nightlife, and if you’re looking for an unforgettable night out, one of the best places to head towards is the city of Khon Kaen. This place is widely regarded as one of the ‘big four’ of the Isan province. The city has hosted one of Thailand’s biggest events, the ‘EU Film Festival’, and is a thriving tourism destination and there’s many a hotel Khon Kaen …

Night Fishing in Maldives – Nightlife Fun of a Different Kind


While the Maldives may be known for its picture postcard-like beaches, thrilling water sports and sublime spa retreats, there isn’t much in the way of typical nightlife when it comes to activities such as bar or club hopping. However, the country does have its own brand of nightlife which can be just as fun especially when it includes going out to sea under the stars! Night fishing in Maldives is a novel experience worth trying …