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The Ultimate Movie Experiences in Bangkok – Enjoying the Magic of the Silver Screen


Movies have come a long way not only in the special effects category, but also in the way we get to watch them. In Bangkok, for instance, visitors have some pretty cool movie watching experiences to choose from. Krungsri IMAX Taking movie watching to all new heights, literally, IMAX theatres feature towering screens that really immerse one in the movies. If you are looking for Bangkok movie theaters where you can enjoy the IMAX experience head to …

A Unique Movie Viewing Experience – Sit Back, Relax and be Treated Like a Boss


For most of us, a night at the movies is a pretty basic deal. You get your buddies together, maybe even go alone; buy the compulsory popcorn and sit for around 2 hours watching the latest blockbuster to hit the screen. But in Thailand’s Bangkok, the city of some of the most curious things such as phallic shrines and human body museums; nothing is basic. This applies to watching movies as well. Buy a ticket …

Cinema XXI Bali – Digital Experience of a kind


Beach walk shopping centre was the first to open up the first digital format cinema in Bali. Located in the Beach Walk shopping centre the cinema has three studios. Cinema XXI being the largest cinema network in Indonesia has always been the pioneer in introducing the newest technology with respect to cinemas at all times. Located in the close proximity of Kuta the accommodation choices around the cinema widely vary. Most resorts in Kuta are …