Nightlife in Soi Bangla – The Most Vibrant Party from Dusk to Dawn

Dance, girls and Plenty of Alcohol; the best combination for an experience that takes you out of this world; and in Soi Bangla you get plenty of this. Bangla is a city that brings the night to life like never before. As the sun sets for the rest of Phuket, the sun rises for Soi Bangla. This little region looks deceivingly innocent during the light of the day but awakens with a vibrant and lustrous vigor at night.

Bangla Road is profoundly known for its vibrant night life. It is the party hub of the city where you can enjoy the most intimate and carefree forms of entertainment. The extent of the Bangla Road and its night life is actually too much for words. You should see it to believe it and if you are expecting the extreme and you will certainly not be disappointed. Throughout Bangla Road you can find several branched lanes called Sois.

These are more like massive entertainment complexes than that is completely loaded with beer and plenty of pretty girls. There is no limit and no end to entertainment in Bangla Road for it is the heart of the Phuket Sex Industry. When you walk into the street you will understand this in the most bold and vivid fashion. In almost every bar there are plenty of girls to entice. Scantily dressed they will do everything and anything your heart desires with the hope and ultimate aim that you will buy more drinks and perhaps take them out for the night. You can even find girls on the street coaxing you to come in and taste the full extent of the Nightlife in the Bangla Bars. There are plenty of names of places that you can choose from. All in all the activity is pretty much the same but the intensity and quality may vary from Bar to Bar.

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