Kuta Theatre Show in Bali – The Best of Balinese Performances

Colour, song and dance are all the remarkable traits that make Bali so rich in culture. The island is a beautiful location; known for decades as a chunk of paradise. The scenic appeal of Bali is truly incomparable and so are the warm and friendly people. That topped with culture and art makes a holiday to Bali a truly memorable one.

Bali is dotted with an array of different attractions. Most are scenic, because the scenery here is nothing short of breathtaking but there are several interesting historic and cultural locations that are equally fascinating as well. If you are particularly interested in the Balinese festive culture, try scheduling your holiday during one of the many festivals in Bali. They are filled with so much colour and style that it is actually hard not to fall in love with it.

One location that will give you a good dose of Balinese dance is the Kuta Theatre. The Kuta Theatre hosts dance and musical performances all traditional in nature. The Theatre itself with its state of the art light and sound systems brings to life Balinese dance in the most poignant manner. Performances in the theatre transport you to the heart of Balinese dance and the rhythm, sound and moves leave you in a trance.

Each Balinese dance performance is like story telling. The performance has a title and the dance enacts this story through a series of well choreographed moves. ‘Lights of Faith’ is a beautiful performance in the theatre that actually tells the story of an old friendship torn by modern culture. Just like this one, there are several other excellent shows at the Kuta Theatre. Dancers who perform here are fantastic and tell you the tale in excellent precision. The Kuta Theatre is certainly a must not miss for those visiting Bali.

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