Esjehi Art Gallery – Showcasing the Best of the Maldives

In a tropical destination almost everyone seems to forget that there are many other places of visit and things to do other than sandy beach strips and marine activities. On that note, Maldives is a wonderful destination that is gifted with an amazing artistic heritage. This cultural and vibrant aspect of the countries is sadly overlooked and it only requires one visit to Esjehi Art Gallery to realize the cultural beauty of these islands. If you desire to add more to your beach side vacation, Anantara Dhigu Resort & Spa Maldives is a glorious setting for all Maldives excursions.

Esjehi Art gallery is located on the east of Sulltan Park and it is an ideal location for artistic travellers. This magnificent setting has been created with hopes of uplifting the roots of Maldivian Art and preserving the remains traditional art forms by famous Maldivian artists that are much valuable to the country and all art lovers. This antique building which was established in 1870’s is home to a riot of colourful masterpieces that has immense value combined with much respect of the local community.

The building itself would be of vital interest for many who visit it due to its classical beauty adorned by the classical architecture. Being one of the oldest buildings in the region, it radiates an aura of culture and classicism which is made evident in the well-preserved wood panels that accessorize this setting. The elegant carvings on the doors and windows are absolutely breath taking.

Furthermore, this beautiful location is an honourable host of various workshop and exhibitions that take place all year round. These exhibitions are the perfect place to witness young artistic talent and network with a number of leading artists from around the world as it is an interesting place of visit for many leading personalities. Moreover, this is also an excellent stop-by to purchase some arts and crafts for reasonable prices.

Finally, do not forget to add this amazing destination to your places of visit in Maldives.

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