Bodu Beru, the beating rhythm of Maldives -The main component of traditional Maldivian music

bodu beru performance in maldives

Boduberu Maldives | Photo by Badruddeen , Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

When it comes to fun, Maldives also offers a diverse entertainment scene. While you do not get a huge variety of entertainment in Maldives, there is enough to keep you well occupied. If you get the chance try to take in a ‘Bodu Beru’ performance which features traditional drums.

Bodu Beru

Along the beaches if you find a group of about twenty men dressed in white sarongs and white short sleeved shirts bobbing about, drumming, chanting and swaying themselves to the rhythms of their own drums and other makeshift instruments, you may be sure that you have bumped into a group that is involved in Bodu Beru music.


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Rhythms, Moves, and Tunes

The oldest of these cultural phenomena is a style of music called ‘Bodu Beru.’ This is a form of dance music which usually involves an ensemble of about fifteen musicians and has deep roots in East Africa.

Enjoy Traditional Music

It is a tradition for a few members of the group to frolic around and as the music reaches its climax; their dance moves too will become more energetic. Feel free to join them in their moves and enjoy the music with them.

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