Live Jazz in Brisbane – Soulful Sounds Down Under!


Soulful, sultry and seductive, jazz music has the power to take you to a whole other state of mind; it can fill you with a “joie de vivre” or zest for life, make you feel a melancholy sadness or sweep you up in a nostalgic daze. If you are a newbie to jazz and may have only listened to a bit of it during last year’s blockbuster musical hit “La La Land”, you need to …

Best Spots for Live Music in Townsville – Fun Musical Entertainment


No matter how good your mp3 player, headphones or surround sound system is, nothing can quite compare to hearing music live. To not only hear the music, but to live and breathe it as well, to soak up the atmosphere and get lost in the moment. To see a performance is to also feel the performance, with some acts providing a unique energy to their music that reverberates through the crowd. And there is nothing …

Khon Kaen Night Life – The Enigmatic Nightlife of Khon Kaen


One of the most renowned aspects of Thailand is the nightlife, and if you’re looking for an unforgettable night out, one of the best places to head towards is the city of Khon Kaen. This place is widely regarded as one of the ‘big four’ of the Isan province. The city has hosted one of Thailand’s biggest events, the ‘EU Film Festival’, and is a thriving tourism destination and there’s many a hotel Khon Kaen …