Indonesian Arts And Handicrafts – Emblems of cultural diversity in Indonesia


Many think of gastronomic adventure and lovely beaches when the name Indonesia is mentioned. However, culture also is an attractive aspect of Indonesia as in any other Asian country. Arts and crafts of Indonesia symbolize the diversity of Indonesian culture. If you wish to revel on the artistic values in Indonesia, Uma by COMO, Ubud is an excellent choice of accommodation. It would permit you to have a glimpse of famous Ubud arts. The artisanal culture in the …

Aqua Park Qatar – Qatar’s First Water Park


Located along the coast of the Persian Gulf is the city of Doha. Serving as the capital city of Qatar, Doha is the hub of Qatar’s economic and political activity. Doha has been the site of many international political, economic and sporting events and is also home to many popular tourist attractions. Doha’s booming hospitality industry boasts some of the most reputed hotels, such as Somerset West Bay Doha, a luxury Doha service residence. While Doha has …

Esplande-Theatres on the Bay – The Hub of Performing Arts


Singapore is a city-state located in Southeast Asia. Considered to be one of the region’s most developed nations, Singapore has many exciting features such as recreational attractions, bustling shopping districts & malls, historic landmarks and beautiful natural sights and attractions. A great serviced residence in Singapore is Somerset Liang Court Singapore, which offers private accommodation Singapore with Jacuzzi, fitness centre and other luxury amenities and conveniences. One of the most iconic landmarks of Singapore is the Esplande-Theatres on …