Nature Painting Artists in Sri Lanka: Nature’s beauty through brushstrokes


Boasting breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife, Sri Lanka offers many objects for nature-painting. Among prominent names of Sri Lankan artists, a new generation of artists have emerged that draw inspiration from the country’s natural beauty to produce artwork that replicate the island’s surroundings. Sri Lanka’s wildlife and natural environment has been the object of wide-spread admiration and motivation for professional and amateur artists with Nature paintings often exhibited in Art Gallery Sri Lanka. Alongside internationally-acclaimed Sri …

Sunset Photo Flip In Maldives – Experience the most breathtakingly beautiful sunsets


A sunset in Maldives is a photographer’s dream holiday destination, illuminated with impeccable lighting, during most of the year. Some of the locations in this corner of the world are breathtaking to say the least. One can hop aboard a dhoni and take a ride along the alluring ocean, and enjoy the magical sunsets, soaking in the nostalgic atmosphere of the surroundings. Experience a myriad of captivating sights and sounds. Maldives is known for their …

Night life in Jakarta – Having a good time in the city that never sleeps


Jakarta is a dynamic city with many faces and plenty of surprises. Often referred to as the ‘city that never sleeps’, Jakarta has a charm of its own during night time. Whether you are visiting the city to let your hair down or for a business meeting you may want to find the ideal Jakarta Luxury Hotel for comfortable and safe accommodation. Prominently situated in the business district of the city with a walking distance to major …