Rhythm of Beru – Traditional Music in Maldives


Maldives, a paradise nation with many exotic delights…During your holiday in Maldives, you will encounter much to see, taste, feel and hear. In regard to the latter, you will be hearing a sensational style of music that is unique to the Maldives. Bodu Beru as it is called is the traditional form of folk music and dance. Bodu Beru is the unified creation of various cultures that have influenced the Maldives in the past. They …

Explore Negombo Lagoon -The lifeblood of Negombo


As is evident by the number of Negombo Hotels and their diversity, Negombo is the most popular sea city in the Western region of the country. There is swimming, rafting, sailing, and many other water based activities as well as a number of excursions to go on. Negombo Lagoon, however, stars quite prominently when it comes to water sports. Spread over an area of over 30 km2, the Negombo lagoon is less than 2m deep …

Queenstown Adrenaline Junkie Paradise


Queenstown boasts many tourist attractions and adventure spots that are visited annually by hundreds of adventure sports enthusiasts for some adrenaline pumping activities. You can embark on a rafting trip; from Deep Creek, peaceful waters head towards the exhilarating rapids of the lower canyon, or scream in the shark machine; get ready to feel the g-forces and experience the ride of your life!  Highly skilled pilots will take you on a heart-pumping roller coaster ride …