Explore Negombo Lagoon -The lifeblood of Negombo


As is evident by the number of Negombo Hotels and their diversity, Negombo is the most popular sea city in the Western region of the country. There is swimming, rafting, sailing, and many other water based activities as well as a number of excursions to go on. Negombo Lagoon, however, stars quite prominently when it comes to water sports. Spread over an area of over 30 km2, the Negombo lagoon is less than 2m deep …

Spectacular 360-degree views – sky100 Hong Kong


Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck is located in the tallest building in Hong Kong on the 100th floor. The International Commerce Centre provides the only observation deck in Hong Kong which offers a spectacular view of the surrounding area and the popular Victoria Harbour. Tourists who wish to stay at boutique hotels in Hong Kong would not be disappointed at the accommodation options the city has to offer, like Cosmo Hotel Wan Chai Hong Kong. …

The Art of Eight Limbs: Experience in Thailand – science of the limbs


It will be difficult to find a tourist who has not heard about Thailand. However, it is not so hard to reach areas in Thailand that are unexplored by the tourists. Thailand is a country full of historical surprises. And the best surprise is when you will find people who still fight for a living in Thailand. Of course Muay Thai is a known phrase. But people who actually live that lifestyle are not so …