Hyde Park London – A Stroll in the Park


Steeped in history, massive trees, lakes and ample chances to engage in various activities of entertainment including boating, swimming, cycling and even horse riding, London’s Hyde Park is one of London’s eight celebrated Royal Parks. Each year hundreds and thousands of citizens of London and tourists take to Hyde Park to enjoy its unique beauty and leisurely activities. Hyde Park’s rich history is laden with momentous mass protests like that of the suffragettes. A visitor …

National Game of Bhutan – Take a Bow


What is considered a sport today was actually a means to life way back in the Paleolithic times when bow and arrow were used for hunting. As the world evolved, these two pieces of equipment that complement each other so well have been used in warfare and battles. The intention is to hit a very specific goal with the arrow using the bow as the propeller. The strength with which the arrow is dispatched and …

History of Maldives – The Ancient Archipelago


Long before Maldives became this amazing tourist destination, when it was not imagined that a Maldives luxury resort could be heaven on earth and even when its beautiful shores had been underexplored there are still telltale signs of there having been occupancy of these thousand-odd islands. As the years rolled by and with the world becoming more and more connected, the news spread about the gorgeous blue waves and the pristine sands of the country. …