Water Sports in Doha – Beat the Heat


The thought of Middle East is always accompanied by scorching sun , camels and deserts. However like Oasis in the desert one of the Middle Eastern Cities is home to an array of water sports. Water Sports in Doha is quite the popular activity for locals as well as foreigners in the Qatari capital. Some of the famous water sports activities that you can take part in range from Scuba diving to thrilling speed boat …

Top Things to do in Tiong Bahru – Art deco and specialty items


Singapore is small gem of a country, hidden below its giant neighbour, Malaysia. The small but dynamic country is one of the main financial hubs in Asia as well as a key shopping destination. The city is tightly packed with high rises and structures of steel and concrete but seek and you shall find; the Singapore bungalows that pass for oases of calm and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle. In this day and …

Bali Safari & Marine Park – A Multi-Dimensional Experience


A pleasantly disorientating feeling takes over as you step into the Bali Safari & Marine Park. You would begin to question; am I in Africa, Indonesia or India? The experiences are varied, yet it all takes place in Bali, Indonesia. Sixty species of exotic animals hover around in protected areas. Traverse and explore the park by arranging for a daytime or night-time safari. Immerse yourself in Balinese culture by watching, interpreting and learning Balinese dance. …